Hutaka Whippets an Introduction:

We had a fawn Teighways whippet (bred by Fred Barnes) as a family pet when I was young, but my parents began to show Afghan Hounds in the early 70’s. Although I had two afghan hounds myself, I bought my first whippet, Lowglen Lovestory in 1973 from Frank and Molly Moore (Allgarth whippets), she was actually bred by the late Fred Nicholas. I showed her a little and learned a great deal from her, and so became hooked on the breed I was to share my life with.

In 1980 I bought a beautiful red dog puppy from a litter bred by George and Betty Carmichael. He was desperately miserable without his litter mates, so instead of returning him, I asked for another puppy from the litter to keep him company! This was a handsome black brindle with white trim that became my ‘Foundation Dog’ and my first champion – Carmodian Tawny Knight of Hutaka. Tawny became the sire of several UK champions and CC winners including my own Multi Champion Sunsalve Hollidaze at Hutaka (Best in Show at Bournemouth 1988) and Bizzie Lizzie of Hutaka, herself the mother to Champion Phinjani Pinball Wizard after I loaned her to my mother.

I only ever bred a litter when I wished to keep a puppy for myself but exported  a limited number of youngsters and frozen AI straws who went on to win and influence lines in U.S.A. Sweden, Norway, France and other European countries.

Judging has always been a great pleasure to me and I gave my first CC’s at the Hound association of Scotland in the early 90’s.

Through the years I have shared my life with some real whippet characters: Tawny was a ‘Gentleman’ who would have doffed his hat to you, had he been human: Box, was a real matriarch who ruled the youngsters with gentle but firm determination but never bit another dog her whole life: Holly the showgirl, who HAD to make you notice her; Spider, a clown who liked nothing more than hearing you laugh, Lissen, who sat and looked to all the world like a kangaroo: Fleur, would set about barking at anyone who told her to ‘Go Away’ (particularly my daughter Hayley)! And the dogs we live with today – Wellie, the boy who sighs deeply when you give him kisses and loves nothing more than to chew my husband’s beard, Abba, who hated being looked at so much, I had to stop showing her and Guinness our adorable Irish hooligan who drinks and (play) fights with gusto!

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Ann K. Beckett-Bradshaw